About Catapult

The Catapult Network

We are a network of world-leading technology and innovation centres established by Innovate UK as independent non-for-profit private organisations to transform the UK’s capability for innovation in sectors of strength.

Catapults are physical centres providing access to cutting-edge R&D infrastructure. The very best of the UK’s businesses, scientists, technical specialists and engineers work side by side on late-stage research and development. Working collaboratively we accelerate the development, deployment and adoption of new technologies – transforming high potential ideas into new products and services to generate economic growth.

By bridging the gap between research and industry, Catapults help tackle the biggest challenges that society and industries face today.


Our Purpose

Knowledge, infrastructure and collaborations to make today’s industry more productive, and create tomorrow’s markets

Our Mission

Work with innovators and industry to prove and adopt breakthrough products, processes, services and technologies

Our Vision

Maximised UK productivity and global competitiveness in key industries through applied innovation

Driving prosperity across the UK

Catapults are transforming the UK’s capability for innovation, mobilising whole sectors and industries.

The Catapult Network plays a vital role in supporting thousands of ambitious businesses to thrive in global markets and accelerate the growth of local, regional and national economies. We support businesses to access growth markets, anchor high value jobs, create and retain talent, and attract inward investment from globally mobile technology businesses.

The Catapult Network has already delivered extensively on the commitment to transform the UK’s capability for innovation in specific areas and help drive future economic growth. Find out more about the impact being felt throughout the UK’s business community in the 2019 Catapult Network Impact Brochure.


Looking to the Future

Building on a £1.2bn investment in sectors of strength and on the outcomes and impact that we are already delivering, the Catapult Networkis ideally positioned to lead a unique systems thinking approach to address major global challenges.

Our collective vision supports economic levelling and nurtures the talent that will address major national and global challenges and will achieve Net Zero, create secure, resilient communications, drive productivity and efficiency, produce sustainable food systems, modernise healthcare, and more. In a post-COVID-19 world, the Catapult Network can bring stakeholders together to create the engine at the heart of this recovery.

We are developing programmes aimed at developing vital sectors and markets for the national economy, delivering job creation and prosperity within the regions and throughout the nation.



A national capability

There are nine Catapults in the network with a national presence covering over 30 locations.

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