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Satellite-enabled technologies to halt the loss of Kenya’s biodiversity

Providing UK businesses with the opportunity to help maintain Kenyan biodiversity, habitats and local livelihoods using the latest satellite application technology.

of Kenya’s wildlife lost in the last 40 years
of biodiversity, habitats and local livelihoods

The conservation challenges in Kenya are numerous, from habitat loss to human wildlife conflict, and innovative sensing and monitoring technologies in particular will boost the capacity of conservationists in the country to tackle threats to people and wildlife. Strengthening these technology applications in Kenya is just the first step. Our vision is for satellite-enabled conservation solutions to scale to the global level in order to tackle pervasive environmental threats globally.

Joanna Elliott
Senior Conservation Director – Cross-cutting Programmes, Fauna & Flora International

Embedding UK space sector businesses and capabilities across the sustainable development market

Satellite Applications Catapult has a rich portfolio of international projects and collaborations aimed at providing opportunities for UK businesses to apply their satellite technologies in international markets.

The Sat4Wildlife project in Kenya is one of 10 projects funded by the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme that will tackle development problems worldwide. Led by Fauna & Flora International and WILDLABS, the project is a partnership between the Satellite Applications Catapult, the Zoological Society of London, the Arribada Initiative and the Ol Pejeta Conservancy following work that the collaborative partners have been doing collectively in this area over a number years.

Credit: Nicolas Tubbs / FFI

Kenya has lost 68% of its wildlife in the last 40 years. The project uses satellite-enabled technologies and will build infrastructure to support collaboration between conservationists and technology experts to help halt the loss of Kenya’s biodiversity, reduce degradation of habitats and conserve local livelihoods which depend on them.

The Sat4Wildlife project forms part of Satellite Applications Catapult’s Sustainable Development Programme aiming to decrease the barriers to uptake of satellite technology, deeply embedding UK space sector businesses and capabilities across the sustainable development market internationally and increasing the knowledge and capacity of end-users to continue working toward sustainable development goals for the long term.