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Facilitating access to the South East Asian market for UK tech suppliers

Digital Catapult partners with Malaysia’s Maxis TV to tap into UK specialist expertise using data to drive user experience.

companies shortlisted to pitch solutions to Malaysian company, Maxis
The Filter
a UK company selected to begin a partnership

As a service that enriches the increasingly digital lifestyles of Malaysians, Maxis TV gives customers total control over their entertainment experience. By leveraging on insights, we will be able to proactively anticipate our customers’ needs and give them what they want even before they realise it. Ensuring that Maxis TV continues to create value and differentiation enables us to deliver our promise of an Unmatched Personalised Experience. We will continue to offer innovative and relevant digital services that enable them to Always Be Ahead in a changing world.

Rob Sewell
Chief Technology Strategy Officer, Maxis

UK companies exporting digital solutions  

Digital Catapult works with leading organisations in the UK and internationally to help build productive global partnerships, drive fast adoption of advanced digital technologies and exploit the UK companies’ export potential. Digital Catapult’s growing multi-stakeholder network facilitates local technology innovation while empowering local stakeholders to reach national and international markets and resources.

Maxis, the leading converged solutions provider in Malaysia, is collaborating with Digital Catapult’s North East Tees Valley Centre (NETV), the Department for International Trade, and the UK Tech Cluster Group, to provide a market expansion opportunity to UK tech small and medium enterprises.

Maxis is looking to the UK market for digital solutions that will enable them to improve the user experience of one of Malaysia’s biggest video entertainment services, Maxis TV. In particular, Maxis is looking for a solution that will utilise user data to develop personalised TV experiences, in order to retain existing customers and convert those who are on trial accounts.

Maxis has been supported through the open challenge in the UK by the Digital Catapult NETV team who have been working with Maxis to assess shortlisted UK companies to pitch their solutions, selecting one company to work directly with the company on the Maxis TV product. In September, The Filter was selected to help Maxis make better use of their customer data and develop an Artificial Intelligence driven recommendation engine for their TV streaming product. The solution will ultimately aim to create a better user experience for Maxis TV customers and support Maxis to grow its customer base.

The Maxis business challenge is the first of a range of international opportunities that will enable UK tech suppliers to access the South East Asian market, as part of the UK-ASEAN Digital Business Challenge pilot.

UK and Malaysia have long enjoyed close commercial and investment partnerships. Malaysia is the UK’s second-largest trading partner in ASEAN and their markets include excellent infrastructure and transport connectivity, a well-developed financial sector. This exciting new collaboration helps cement this relationship and accelerates export opportunities for British tech companies, bringing countries close together.  

The Filter was delighted to be selected by Maxis for their personalisation services. We are still in the early stages of the onboarding and their data arrived a few days ago. We will then enhance this data and feed it into our existing data science models. We should be able to start seeing personalised results for users soon.

Damien Read
CEO, The Filter