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Enriching the workplace through celebrating diversity and sharing experiences

At the Manufacturing Technology Centre, part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, both the Executive Leadership Team and colleagues across the organisation know that the diversity of the organisation is what makes the Centre such a success as well as a great company to work for.

MTC apprentices have been selected for the Women’s Engineering Society Apprentice Board
An MTC apprentice wins the Best of British Engineering Award

Creating platforms for open discussion

To ensure the ethos of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) continues, the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) prides itself on creating an environment that brings people together to highlight, connect and share experiences, where they have a common interest, goal or purpose. 

As part of the MTC’s proactive engagement with their employees on EDI, a number of Affinity Groups have been created, enabling colleagues to discuss topics important to them. Currently the following Affinity Groups are established with more groups expected as interest grows:


The aim of the Neurodiversity Affinity Group is to reach out to people who are, or who know people that are neurodiverse. This group covers a wide array of different neurological conditions, bringing people together and supporting them in finding tools and techniques to help them with their day-to-day work. The group also provides links and contact information should employees need help regarding anything to do with neurodiversity.


The LGBT(+) Affinity Group aims to highlight, connect and support gender and sexual identities across the business to ensure nobody feels like they are alone and that they can work without fear of discrimination or abuse.

Women at the MTC

The Women Affinity Group was established to support women in their career development. Through a number of regular social events and guest speaker sessions members are encouraged to explore a topic of their choice. Events have explored topics such as ‘impostor syndrome’, gender equality, networking and confidence in the workplace among many others.


Accessibility is about making sure every individuals needs are met and that noone is ignored. The aim of the Accessibility Affinity Group is to foster and create an accessible workplace at the MTC; to support all those with different accessibility needs whether they are staff, family, or visitors; and to raise awareness of accessibility at the Centre.


As an apprentice training provider, the MTC is also creating a more openly diverse and inclusive culture by starting conversations, promoting awareness and sharing information through its apprenticeship social media channels and other communications efforts to support wider initiatives, such as LGBT+ History Month, Pride, Mental Health Awareness Week and International Women in Engineering Day.

Promoting success and diversity, the MTC Apprenticeship scheme has produced award-winning female apprentices, shared success stories of overcoming mental health challenges and celebrated its finalists in the BAME Apprenticeship Awards. Highlights include: