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5G innovation in the West Midlands

5G has vast potential for businesses and communities across the UK and the globe.

Digital Catapult is contributing so that the West Midlands (the area including Birmingham, Coventry and the Black Country), is today right at the heart of what this new technology has to offer.

Digital Catapult is part of the 5PRING consortium, the UK’s first 5G commercial application accelerator. Its aim is to help organisations of all sizes harness the power of 5G to deliver growth and innovation throughout the West Midlands and beyond.

The consortium opened the UK’s first 5G commercial accelerator in 2021. It operates fully-equipped and interlinked 5G testbeds in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry. These fully functional cellular technology facilities help bring solutions out of R&D for testing as an early real-world deployment, and can be used to grow market opportunities by showcasing new applications.

As part of the 5PRING accelerator Worcestershire-based Plinx developed 5G-enabled tags which can transmit health and safety data in real-time, helping boost safety on construction sites, even in areas with poor connectivity.

5PRING offers bespoke masterclasses and workshops, partnering opportunities and access to technology and 1:1 sessions with world-class business coaches and technical experts enabling businesses to understand what 5G could offer them. It connects organisations of all sizes to work on 5G use cases and bring to life commercially viable 5G propositions.

The West Midlands-based initiative, alongside others in the area, has supported more than 650 businesses and public sector organisations, including Plinx, to experience a live 5G network, discovering the benefits that 5G can bring to their organisation and working with innovators to take advantage of 5G through new applications and services.

We were delighted to be a part of the 5PRING accelerator with Digital Catapult. We continue to leverage the insights and contacts as we scale PLINX globally.

Tommy Williams
CEO of Plinx

The West Midlands is home to the UK’s first 5G accelerator
businesses discovering 5G network benefits

Massive 5G potential for businesses and communities

5G testbeds in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry