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£555 million investment raised after engaging with Digital Catapult

businesses collaborated with

50+ cohorts of small businesses have been part of Catapult’s acceleration activities since it was founded

Flagship Machine Intelligence Garage programme won “Outstanding AI Accelerator” CogX award in 2021 and 2022
of businesses collaborated with are startups who between them have attracted over £555m in private investment

Digital Catapult works with over 70 investors through the FutureScope acceleration programme to support UK innovators across AI, virtual & augmented reality, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and distributed systems to work with strategic sectors of the UK economy to build private sector confidence.

FutureScope is based on best practice developed over seven years of experience running innovation and acceleration programmes, providing targeted support for startup and scaleup companies at different stages of their lifecycle – from early stage startups just entering the market, to those who are focused on pushing the limits of their technology capability, and later stage companies looking at Series A+ investment and beyond.

FutureScope helps startups and scaleups to collaborate across technologies, business stages, and markets – addressing real-world challenges in the UK’s manufacturing and creative industries, boosting private investor confidence in areas where the market has not been ready to invest, and focusing on strategically themed areas where digital transformation and emerging tech can have the biggest impact, such as industrial net zero, the metaverse, and supply chain optimisation.

Digital Catapult has collaborated with over 3,000 businesses, the majority being startups. A collective £555m in private investment has been raised by these businesses post-engagement with Digital Catapult, resulting in £4bn of wider economic benefit.

Digital Catapult has supported us in many areas, including helping to refine our pitch and introductions to key investors.

Mikela Druckman
Co-founder and CEO of Greyparrot AI