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Catapult Network welcomes new ‘Inclusivity in Innovation’ supporters at major ED&I event

Catapult Network welcomes new ‘Inclusivity in Innovation’ supporters at major ED&I event

The Catapult Network has today confirmed the backing of a dozen new high-profile supporters, including Rolls-Royce and Siemens, for its Inclusivity in Innovation Charter.

The announcement of 12 new supporting organisations came during the Catapult Network’s second major ED&I event, held today (7 July 2022) at the Glasgow Technology & Innovation Centre, based at the University of Strathclyde.

Watch the event highlights here:

Speaking at the event Matthew Durdy – Chair of the Catapult Network and CEO of the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult – thanked all the supporters and delegates for recognising the critical role ED&I has in delivering innovation and driving growth. Matthew said:

Today’s event united hundreds of people and scores of organisations from across the UK with the same goal – to drive a shared commitment to fair, welcoming and diverse workplaces which support UK innovation and economic growth.

Matthew Durdy
Chair, Catapult Network
CEO, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

“Innovation flourishes when people can be themselves, when new ideas and alternative views are embraced, when the most talented people are recruited and when opportunity is shared fairly”.

“Our Inclusivity in Innovation Charter recognises this and formally commits us to actions which will lead to a more inclusive culture. Today’s pledges of support from these important members of the innovation landscape really underscores the value of this important work.”

The new organisations pledging their support for the Catapult Network’s Charter are: Rolls-Royce, Siemens, AIRTO, Inclusive Employers, AFBE-UK, Shepherd Wedderburn, CFMS, Lifetime FM, Different Dynamics, Woods Noble Video, El Roboto and IfM Engage.

Scotland’s Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise, Ivan McKee, also shared his enthusiasm for the vital impact of ED&I across the innovation landscape. He said:

The work of the Catapult Network to demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity and diversity in innovation, through their recently launched Inclusivity in Innovation Charter, is commendable.

I sincerely hope businesses here today will echo their support and commitment to those same principles.

Ivan McKee MSP
Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise
Scottish Government

Click here to watch the Minister’s full video message to the event.

Neil Mantle, Director of Manufacturing at Rolls-Royce, said: “We’re tackling the hardest power sectors to decarbonise in transport and the built environment and need the best people, minds and teams with us to do that. Being in Rolls-Royce is about us all behaving in a way that makes the people around us feel included so they can be at their best for each other, our business and our customers. As a significant partner and customer of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, the Charter fits seamlessly with this”.

At Siemens we know that having a broader and deeper range of perspectives and ways of thinking will make us even more innovative and able to create world class solutions. This is why we pledge our support of the Catapult Network Inclusivity in Innovation Charter so that we can work together on creating a more equal, diverse and inclusive industry.

Harriet Padina
Diversity and Inclusion Community Manager, Siemens plc
Left to right: Matthew Durdy, Chair of the Catapult Network, Katherine Bennett, Deputy Chair of the Catapult Network, Andrew Jamieson, Chair of AIRTO

With the unanimous support of the Board, AIRTO is delighted to be pledging support for the Catapult Network’s Inclusion in Innovation Charter.  AIRTO recognises the importance of diversity and inclusion within our sector, and we hope that this decision will provide an opportunity for our member organisations to consider also pledging support to the Charter, subject to their own appropriate governance arrangements.  We were delighted to see this initiative gathering momentum

Steve Yianni
President, AIRTO

Addison Barnett, Head of Inclusion & Diversity Services (South) for Inclusive Employers said: “We’re delighted to show our support for the Catapult Network Charter. Inclusion is vital to the innovation that unites the Catapult Network, and this Charter is a clear public commitment to make inclusion an everyday reality for all Catapult employees. We work with several Catapults as members of Inclusive Employers and we look forward to supporting them on this mission.”

Sarah Kewley of Lifetime Financial Management said: “We are proud to be working with a partner with these values as they are just as important to the team at Lifetime too. We believe inclusion and diversity brings everyone together and we are excited to see where our partnership takes us.”

The Inclusivity in Innovation Charter has been formally signed by all nine members of the Catapult Network, including the High Value Manufacturing Catapult’s seven centres, and Innovate UK.

The Catapults each commit to a series of ten actions designed to foster a more inclusive culture.

Organisations which pledge their support to the Charter recognise the critical role of ED&I in innovation and the importance of embedding ED&I principles into their cultures and workplaces.

Read the Catapult Network: Inclusivity in Innovation Charter here.

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