Research Base

Effective engagement with the UK research base is critical to the success of Catapults

While Catapults do not provide funding to support the research base, they do work closely with the research base directly and with UK Research and Innovation partners to maximise the opportunities for collaboration and remove the barriers for joint working.

Catapults actively encourage engagement with the Research Base to explore new ways of working in partnership, to enable knowledge exchange and to provide improved access to businesses, through the following approaches:

Strategic Relationships

    • Catapult-University strategic relationships (UK and International)
    • Government Departments/Agencies (e.g. UK Research and Innovation, Department for International Trade)
    • Businesses (of all sizes), business groups and networks (e.g. KTN)
    • Governance/Advisory Group representation

Joint Programmes and Projects

    • Collaborative projects
    • Contract Research
    • Large scale sector focussed programme activities
    • Commercialisation activities
    • Technology and Capability Roadmapping
    • Networks

Developing People and Skills

    • Formal training provision (e.g. studentships – Centres for Doctoral Training, Doctoral Training Partnerships, CASE)
    • Collaborative work through people exchange mechanisms (e.g. secondments, Researchers in Residence, fellowships, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships)
    • Continual Professional Development (e.g. MSc training)

Enabling Access to Capability

    • Equipment sharing
    • Shared asset registers
    • Access to large scale facilities

Informing Policy Development

    • Joint input into Government inquiries/reviews (e.g. Science and Innovation Strategy)
    • Participation on Government advisory/strategy groups (e.g. Industry Leadership Forums)

These are not exclusive and we are keen to create a collaborative culture that promotes further exchange and growth, where Catapults and the research jointly shape the UK innovation eco-system.

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