Business & industry

Business & industry

Catapults are a powerful initiative within the UK innovation landscape designed to help businesses develop exciting new ideas within receptive and invigorating environments.

These centres of excellence bridge the gap between business, academia, research and government; they promote collaboration and knowledge exchange allowing many progressive businesses and organisations to build new partnerships with reduced risks.

Catapults are uniquely placed to understand the opportunities that exist in relevant technology areas, acting as neutral, trusted authorities, helping overcome barriers to adoption, unlocking demand and shaping markets.

Catapults are an invaluable resource to companies in a wide range of markets and transform their innovative ideas into new products and services, generating economic growth.

Helping business

Catapults help businesses to adopt, develop and exploit innovative products and technologies. As the next stepping stone towards commercialisation, they offer concentrated expertise in areas vital for that journey.

The benefits of working with Catapults:

  • Access to facilities: Catapults have state-of-the-art facilities that the industry will want to use and engage with, that are too specialised or requiring capex beyond the means of many companies.
  • Skilled resource: Catapults employ highly skilled high calibre experts to lead and work on collaborative innovation projects.
  • Access to a dynamic network environment:  Catapults provide a neutral environment for potential customers to develop business-focussed innovation. Like minded people can come together and transfer knowledge as well as create connections. Ideas and concepts can be scoped and prototyped in a faster and more engaging environment than is possible in a typical industry environment. Catapults provide access to technical expertise usually not available to SMEs.
  • Trusted environment: Catapults create an environment of trust, in which SMEs are happy to come and share thinking and ideas in the knowledge that intellectually property will be managed carefully.

Each Catapult adds an important new dimension to research and development programmes funded by Innovate UK, helping businesses advance solutions, through feasibility and collaborative programmes.

Providing access to cutting-edge equipment, specialist facilities along with using the power of people and organisations working closely together, the Catapults unlock opportunity, reduce innovation risk and speed new products and services towards commercial reality.

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