Funding & Governance

Establishing and maintaining a network of centres with world-leading technical capabilities requires a sustained investment – from both public and private sector. Centres also need to create a critical mass of activity surrounding them which will anchor the activities of globally mobile companies in the UK.

The centres gain their funds from a mix of competitively earned commercial funding and core Innovate UK investment. The funding balance will vary through the life of the organisation deriving broadly from three sources:

  • business-funded or independently funded R&D contracts
  • collaborative applied R&D projects, funded jointly by the public and private sectors, won competitively
  • core public underpinning funding for long-term investment to support infrastructure, expertise and skills development

Catapult Funding model


Catapults were established by Innovate UK. Each Catapult is a company limited by guarantee (CLG), a separate legal entity from Innovate UK and independent from each other. They are controlled by their own Boards with an Executive Management team responsible for the day-to-day management of each Catapult.

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